Alberu, creative copywriting, digital strategy and content creation from Bracelona
Hola soy Alberu ¿Te puedo ayudar?



I like to refer to what I do as ¨solutions¨ because that’s what I believe creativity is all about: solving communication problems in innovative and relevant ways. Thats’ why, this solutions can come in a variety of ways such as scripts for video and commercials, digital and social media strategy, web copy, blog content, jingles, ads…  it all depends, and that’s exactly what makes this profession so much fun.


If you are looking for someone who can help with brand communication of any kind Im your guy. 


The list of services I can provide include but are not limited to 


Digital Strategy

Blog & Web Content

Advertising Creativity

Social Media

Writer of all things (marketing and advertising related)




I also can make:


- Ads that cut our cost of conversion

- Marketing text wizardly crafted

- Put into words exactly what you want your customers to feel

- Your content a lot clearer and more defined

- jingles that you can’t get out of your head (even if you hate them)


Think Long and Prosper

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Hi I’m Alberu, creative content creator passionate about communication, technology and strategy.

In almost a decade of career I’ve taken the ¨astronaut¨ approach and worked in different countries in multicultural environments, including the US and Latin America. I’m in a continuous exercise of flexibility and adaptation which I believe can only lead to innovation. I’m driven by passion and curiosity. I never stop learning. I read before I write and I listen before I talk (and I do read and talk A LOT).  

I like people, I like stories I like my job very much and, though I’m all in with the digital world, I love to step away of computer as much as I can.

If you are looking for someone who can help with brand communication of any kind Im your guy.