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It had been just a couple of months since I had returned to Barcelona when I was invited to join the Audi International Team at DDB to execute the whole 2016 Audi A4 campaign, Audi’s Best Selling product.

The experience taught me a lot about the creative process of a global campaign, what it should be and what it shouldn’t. Because international campaigns are actually tricky.  You get big a very big budget but at the same time creativity has to be ¨adaptable¨ and limited in a few ways.  What may resonate compellingly in one market may have little to no impact in a number of others. 

We had to implement a single and a strong unified message that was recognizable by an international audiences that could perform locally with one impactful creative concept. That involved avoiding cultural clashes, specific cultural references and elaborated word play. 

This is the Audi A4 International Campaign of 2016 that I worked in at DDB Barcelona.

My role was Senior Copywriter and worked closely with the Creative Directors, Art Supervisors, Digital Technologist and producers to produce this massive campaign. I wrote in english for all the pieces in the campaign ATL and BTL and also helped with the Spanish translations for the local Spanish team

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