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Here are some of the crazy works I did for Mercantil (1st Bank in Bolivia). During my tenure the brand experienced a great boost of awareness and top of mind. We even won a few awards at the FEPI in Argentina.


My first job after landing in Bolivia. Makrocuenta was the main the financial product of Banco Mercantil Santa Cruz. In this case we had to communicate a special prize and make some noise about it. So we did.


This was the first integrated campaign I did during my first year in Bolivia.

In 2013 Bolivia was experiencing an optimistic economic growth, it was time for Banco Mercantil Santa Cruz to seize the opportunity. (Bonanza, besides being a classic western series, is the spanish for "prosper times”).

The campaign became the biggest hit in the history of the brand spawning a series of memes that populated the internet and it won several FEPI awards in Argentina.


The bolivian government launched a new plan to create affordable housing for the majority of the population by forcing extra low interest rates in 2014. 

While most banks saw it an authoritative command from Evo Morales' administration we choose to see it as an opportunity to encourage young bolivians to ¨De-tenantify¨ themselves. The campaign was a huge success and ¨desenquilínate¨, which is a made up word, became a popular slogan amongst the young population.  

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