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In 2013 I moved to Bolivia to work there as creative director for TBWA group I learned a lot there.

I realized that creative people in the markets where I had worked were always ¨protected¨ from the clients. They were not client-facing; they would just stay back in the agency and generate ideas. But in Bolivia creative people would frequently interact with the brand managers and their CEOs. Having been in that kind of an environment made me comfortable talking to executives and presenting ideas. I also had to make do with lesser resources. I had to double up as TV producer so I ended up gathering all these ¨extra¨ skills that really help me being a more rounded creative.

This is one of the many commercials I shot for Paceña, the local Beer Brand, property of AbInBev.

In this particular one we had to advertise the launch of a new bottle format that magically makes tables of friends join together. 

The whole Bolivian experience was one of the most fun and life enriching that I’ve had until now.

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