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When do we stop being young? #Seniormeister

Jägermeister sought to connect with its younger audience on YouTube and wanted to surprise them with something different and unexpected. If Youtube is dominated by Millenials and Zs, what would be the opposite of a youtuber? Could we generate successful content with seniors youtubers?

And so was born Seniormeister, a campaign based on the values of the brand expressed expressed in the figures of people who have been faithful to themselves all their lives. But we were not looking just for seniors, they had to be Seniormeisters.

To find them we carried out a massive call on social networks to discover those Seniormeisters who live among us.

This was the first call, that could be seen on YouTube and Instagram.

Finding and selecting these Seniormeisters was a real joy. Many of the participants in the casting were people with really extraordinary lives and personalities, each one of them deserved a campaign of their own.

Some of them are seen in this video of the casting but the surface of it is hardly scratched.

Once found, we used established influencers related to the brand to present them and created episodes based on lifestyle and challenges.Here below I leave the main pieces of the campaign.

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